SaS Diving

(Surface Air Supply)


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This unique diving system which combines Snorkelling with Scuba Diving lets you enjoy the feeling of scuba diving with the freedom of a snorkeler. Ideal for first-time divers, young kids and families. It's also a great way for those who've always wanted to go scuba diving but have been put off by all the equipment.

Being attached to a surface air supply that floats above gives you all the time underwater without having to surface to breathe. After a short briefing on safety skills and how to use the equipment your qualified guide will take you into the sea, connect your air supply and away you go to explore the underwater world in complete confidence and peace of mind.

You will dive our local dive site which is directly in front of the hotel, just a few steps from our 'Scuba Shack'. This is where we conduct our 'Discover scuba' and is suitable for everyone, a perfect dive site for a 'refresher', it has a maximum depth of 10m and is also a great dive for newly qualified divers.

On this dive you can expect to see lots of sea life such as Wrasse, Bream, shoals of Sardines, Octopus, Cuttlefish, and the occasional Ray! This is a new excursion offered by Scuba Tours for 2020, we are the first Dive Centre located in Mainland Spain to offer this unique experience!

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Minimum age - 8 years

Duration - 2 hours

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We are the official distributors for Andalucia, if you would like full information or to purchase your own SaS System contact