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La Herradura - Home to some of the best dive sites in Spain 

Our most popular diving destination! This Marine reserve East of Malaga features a small peninsular with lots of dive sites in sheltered bays which means there is always somewhere to dive no matter what! You have wall dives, reef dives, lots of swim through's and little caverns quite common for Octopus and Squid (take a torch). Here you will experience the most colour and sea life within the whole of the Costa del Sol.

You’ll get the chance to see dense shoals of Sardines reflecting in the sunlight. The colourful walls of soft coral are home to lots of Blennys and Nudibranch. Occasionally we have Sea Horses which makes the perfect photo for the underwater photographer.

The Marine Reserve has a peninsular with dive sites on both sides. Therefore whatever the weather we can always find calm and clear water to dive in.

Stuck for time or have family commitments?

Then this local dive site directly in front of our 'Scuba Shack' is an ideal location which can be enjoyed by the experienced diver looking for a refresher dive if you haven't dived for a while, or just the chance to get wet again leaving the family to chill out at our pool area!

We provide full equipment and transport to the Marine Reserve (La Herradura) and keep our groups small ensuring the fun is Big!

BOOK NOW FOR JUST 95€ per person at the Marine Reserve (50€ local dive)

Minimum age - 12

Duration - 1 day (1 hour for local dive)

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